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About us

Eng-Age is a language center in Marín committed to quality, offering training that fully meets the expectations and needs of our students. Today more than ever, training is an essential resource for personal performance, professional growth and performance improvement.

Why are we different? Because

  • • Our select and charismatic team is made up of native and/or bilingual teachers who are highly qualified and motivated.
  • • We listen in order to adapt to your needs and design the best course for you.
  • • We carry out continuous follow-up with both classroom and termly assessments.
  • • Our groups are small and of a similar level.
  • • We educate in an English, German, French, etc, speaking environment.
  • • We have modern, comfortable facilities with all types of resources.

Our Professionals

ENG-AGE quienes somos

Our teachers are native and/or bilingual graduates with a teaching certificate. Eng-Age firmly believes that the success of its language courses is due mainly to the technical calibre and people skills of our teachers.

Therefore, we have strict, selection criteria when we employ our staff, and require them to be responsible, loyal, flexible and passionate, amongst others. We consider that the professional development of our team is of the utmost importance and offer constant training (conferences, workshops and in-house training).