Schools de eng-age

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In Eng-Age we use a functional communicative method, and we know that learning a language at an early age gives children a great advantage. As in our center, our after-school classes offer a full immersion in the language, with dynamic classes, taught by native and/or bilingual teachers. Through games, stories, songs and play activities, children believe they are playing, but we know they are learning.

Our philosophy is the same for our extracurricular classes aimed at teenagers. They perform a total immersion in the language, interacting orally with the native and / or bilingual teacher in an entertaining, fun and playful way in order to be able to communicate naturally and spontaneously.

We are certified as Trinity College London Official Examiner Center. We offer all our students the possibility of obtaining a degree of international recognition of their communicative ability in English.

Our natives offer great support to the educational centers as conversation aids, bringing to the classroom the communicative resources that are part of our philosophy.

With the growing development of bilingual sections, English is no longer a skill but a necessity for today's educators. After studying your objectives and the situation of which you are part, we will advise you and propose the best training for you. Our objective is the real improvement of the skills and knowledge of those who participate in our courses.